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Solo Sets While Being in a Band - ODDEPOXY


Solo Sets While Being in a Band

By November 10, 2011 January 21st, 2012 Music, Uncategorized

From time to time I’ll play a solo set with just me, my guitar, and my loop pedal at a coffee shop or festival. Initially I think Lee was a bit offended by the idea, in that it seemed like I was trying to go my own way with music and leave them out of shows; this was not the case. After some pondering, I came to the conclusion that these shows were a way for me to unscramble myself, much in the way that being alone in general unscrambles myself. Though it might not seem it, I’m quite an introverted person, and I’ll become agitated and tired if I don’t get a few hours to myself on a daily basis. During times when I’m alone, I can either fully process some of my ideas and concepts or just let my brain come down from sizzling to simmer, both being incredibly therapeutic. Solo shows are kind of like that, I don’t have to take anyone’s ideas and mesh them with my own or worry about keeping time with any beat but the one in my head. Selfish? Could be, but despite whatever it is I feel infinitely more inspired and fit to write with multiple musicians after I’ve had time to do some simmering. Simmer simmer.

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