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What Makes A Record? Pt 2

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During recording I’ll spendĀ  lot of time getting a drum sound, both in tuning and mic placement. However, in post production I’ve tended to use a lot of compression, gating, EQing and reverb. I have finally learned that less truly is more. Through the course of recording this album, I have ditched most EQ, all gating on the snare, and…

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What Makes A Record? Pt 1

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Warning! This will be the first post of many. Over the years we’ve recorded a few demos here and there that seem to sound OK, but they’ve been nothing more than just EP’s and Demos. Sitting down to make a record truly sound like something you would pick off the shelves has presented to be a challenge especially when you’ve…

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Good Day for Drums

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Last night I spent a good while actually tuning my drums to the song we are currently working on code named “Albatross”. This was my first experience in doing this, and I have to say, thanks to my new drum dial, It was like hearing my drums for the first time. The toms fit this song perfectly, and I cant…

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Lee's New Desk

New Desk, New Home

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It’s currently 5:30 am and we finally have the new desk built with all our equipment set up, and I couldn’t be happier with my new mixing home. It’s clean, comfortable and functional. Aside from missing a mini-fridge, the space has everything I desire, and feels like it will be easy to stay focused, that is if I don’t get…

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