Good Day for Drums

By January 9, 2012 January 21st, 2012 Music, Uncategorized

Last night I spent a good while actually tuning my drums to the song we are currently working on code named “Albatross”. This was my first experience in doing this, and I have to say, thanks to my new drum dial, It was like hearing my drums for the first time. The toms fit this song perfectly, and I cant wait for people to hear it. The high tom is tuned to an A and the low to a D. They have a nice open sound while the snare stays muted and tight. This will definitely be a song to dance to.

I’ll probably go back and redo a couple parts but for the most part, drums are in. Now on to lyrics. We are working on smoothing them over now, and I’m really diggin’ what Orie’s coming up with. Also, it’s been confirmed, stomps and claps will be on this song.

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