Show Recap (Oct. 22 2017)

By October 19, 2017 Recap

We played at The Clubhouse here in Mansfield OH this past Sunday with a great line up of other bands. The crowd had great energy despite the fact that equipment seemed to be falling apart as we were playing. Drums were breaking and shifting around but Lee managed to make it work. Midway into our new single Algebra, Lee decided to swap out his snare due to it having a hole in the top head. In a bind he placed the second snare on top of his current one. The crowd didn’t seem to mind though. Our main goal in playing shows is for people to walk away feeling like they got more than they bargained for. When things fall apart, we try and make it memorable somehow. We’re playing at LA LUNA here in Mansfield OH on Sunday October 19th with Former Vandal. We’re pretty stoked. Come out if your in town! Who knows what will happen at this next show.

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