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Many things.

The most significant of these things is that we have officially moved to Chicago. For a long time now I’ve wanted to live in this city at least once in my life, due to it’s energy and general feel, so it’s unbelievable to finally be here with such a good friend as Lee. Our house is a very nice size and has an excellent basement for setting up a studio to record our album, which was written over this past month. For both me and Lee, the recording process is almost more energizing than the writing process and sits barely below performing, as far as enjoyment goes.

With the happiness of this first change, however, is also a bit of sadness because we have temporarily lost Alex who chose to stay at home for a while to collect some finances. Both Lee and I are quite sure that he’ll make it here eventually, in fact he has zero choice in the matter…ZERO. In all honesty, we will accept whatever he chooses to do and he will continue to be a most beloved friend. If he does choose to stay in Mansfield, we have plans to play live with a backtrack of bass recordings and other samples as a two piece for a while, most likely with a giant cutout of Alex standing on stage.

Oddepoxy Goes Smash Brothers (Captain Falcon, Nes, Fox)

Oddepoxy Goes Smash Brothers  (Captain Falcon, Nes, Fox)

This past year in general has been a very diverse year for all of us, losing people, meeting new ones, moving, growing. Personally I have never been more inspired and driven towards my passions, a feeling I can only imagine growing with living in such a place as Chicago.

Stay posted, we’ll try to update as much as possible on happenings.

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