Initially a two person side project (named The Brain Brothers) consisting of Lee and Orie creating random snippets of songs and rough ideas, this project gradually moved on to something that they both began to greatly value. After picking up Alex, they went on to produce an EP and play the casual coffee shop, metal venue, or battle of the bands. Slowly, they began to write music as a whole as opposed to building on songs already written by Orie, producing a much fuller and more unique sound than before. This gradual change led to a rethinking of what the band was, and ultimately, a changed band. With a name change, and a new perspective on song writing and playing, Oddepoxy is now writing and recording with hopes to begin playing music anew.

Alex Montgomery: BASS

Lost in musical Limbo, Alex listened to mundane techno and sapped off his brother’s playlists until one day he was inspired by his Mexican friend Aaron Grosch to pick up the guitar. He took lessons from the Queen of Rhythm and eventually joined a garage band. After drama happened, he eventually found the golden human beings he was searching for. Alex now enjoys absorbing all types of music and hopes to incorporate sick scales and slappy hands on the bass guitar. He enjoys being a code monkey/designer for indie video games and punching the sun with his fists.

Lee McIntosh: DRUMS

Straight out of Nicholasville Kentucky, the land of home fixin’s, is Lee McIntosh. Raised with a pencil in one hand and paper in the other, he’s always had a desire to create. He began his artistry of percussion shortly after his relatively new friend and long lost brother, Orie, suggested that he could imagine Lee as a talented drummer due to his drive and passion. In addition to his skills as a drummer, Lee also dabbles in the world of film and graphic design.


Hailing from sunny Mansfield OH, Orie Rush was introduced to guitar early on and instantly fell in love with the instrument. He started off writing small snippets of guitar riffs with the occasional lyric, his aim being from the start to create acoustic based ideas that sounded more diverse, with roots in metal and whatever else he enjoyed listening to at the time. Perhaps even stronger than his passion for music is his passion for art, a creative drive that remains an enormous influence in his life and inspiration.