A Sense of Dread and Relief

By April 12, 2012 December 20th, 2016 Music

I’ve made a beautiful and absolutely terrible discovery.


A while back when I was first fiddling with my Boss GT-8 I made sure (or at least I thought I made sure) that my preamps were set to patch and not global. For those of you that aren’t used to any of that absurd lingo I’ll try and break it down into a simpler nutshell. Preferably a pistachio, because those contain a delicious nut and are aesthetically pleasing.

My guitar pedal has multiple buttons, these buttons can be set to make it sound like my guitar is running through a different amp, pedal, effect, etc. An individual group of effects and settings that are assigned to a button is called a patch and can be changed via the different buttons. Now, the preamp’s job is to make my guitar sound like it’s running through a physical amp and you can change the pedal’s settings to make it so that the amps individual settings (distortion, bass, treble and such) are either Global, or Patch. If it’s set to global then that amp will sound the same for each patch, if it’s set to Patch then it’ll save unique settings for each individual patch.


If this still sounds ridiculous then don’t worry about it, I’ll further nutshell it.

I’ve been changing settings on my pedal to get my guitar to sound how I want it, but when I came back to those same settings I saved they didn’t sound near as good as what I thought they did. This is because when I was changing a setting in one place it was also changing it in another.

I don’t know how many times I said to myself and to Lee “Gee, this doesn’t sound good at all…I could have swore this sounded awesome before!”.

Live sound. Recording quality. All of this has been a huge hassle as far as guitar sound has gone, and the answer has always been there. I could have sworn I had changed that setting before, but it’s completely my fault that I didn’t re-check it…

I’m almost done being in disbelief. I’ll be okay.


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