Writing Lyrics: A Group Effort

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In the past I’ve always written the melody and lyrics on my own time with more or less my own themes. While this was usually the quickest option, we decided that because writing music was now a cohesive effort we should write the vocals together as well, since they obviously hold a lot of meaning in the song. This was a pretty simple concept in theory, but putting it into practice was definitely a learning process and not as smooth, initially, as we thought.

We finished the first song and sat down to write the lyrics together. Writing melodies went relatively well which was refreshing, we came up with some excellent ideas that I wouldn’t have come up with on my own, so that part was a definite success. Then we came to actually writing the lyrics. We tried to decide on a theme, but the variety of feelings was quite wide and it was a lengthy discussion until we actually settled on something. When we all wrote some lines separately and read them to each other it was difficult to shoot down anyone’s idea, considering that this was a distinct part of how they were feeling, so sifting the lyrics proved to be a process.

All in all, though making the lyric writing process longer, doing it as a whole produces a much more satisfying and unified vocal presence.

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