Day 1 of Writing

By November 4, 2011 January 21st, 2012 30 Days of Writing, Music, Uncategorized

First of all, welcome to our new blog!

We just wrapped up our first day of writing live, and it was definitely a journey getting there. We we’re supposed to go lived at 2pm, but unfortunately last night our power went out at 11:15pm so we were unable to finish up the final touches for getting ready to go live. Luckily everything was ironed out by 6pm.

We couldn’t have asked for a better first day. Everyone tuning in was fantastic, and we hope to chat with more of you in the days to come!

Decent amount of progress was made on a new song based off an old riff we had recorded a while back. It was interesting to see how much it changed from the original within just a few short hours.You can expect to see us live again tomorrow at 2pm eastern.

Also a great thanks to my dear friend, Dustin Montgomery, for working so hard to help me get this site up and running in time.

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