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Pro Tools, What are you doing?

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Recently we’ve been in a rut finding the perfect software workflow for recording our album. I’ve always questioned why there wasn’t one piece of audio recording software that did literally everything I needed. And today at 4:30 I found it, the audio recording software that only revealed itself in my dreams. I started out recording in Sony Vegas Video way…

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More Drum Modeling

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I’m on track to meeting my goal of finishing the drums by tomorrow. All the pieces are there but I think I’m going to go back and stylize/oversize some features. After that i need to rig the hardware so that the stands will be able to animate. Then after that it’s time to texture and make them really come to…

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Drum Modeling

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I started modeling the drums today for this new music video. From left to right you can see that we are going with a stylized approach. I hope to have the drums done by Monday. Meanwhile, Orie is working on the character models which are coming along quite nicely.

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Good Day for Drums

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Last night I spent a good while actually tuning my drums to the song we are currently working on code named “Albatross”. This was my first experience in doing this, and I have to say, thanks to my new drum dial, It was like hearing my drums for the first time. The toms fit this song perfectly, and I cant…

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Lee's New Desk

New Desk, New Home

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It’s currently 5:30 am and we finally have the new desk built with all our equipment set up, and I couldn’t be happier with my new mixing home. It’s clean, comfortable and functional. Aside from missing a mini-fridge, the space has everything I desire, and feels like it will be easy to stay focused, that is if I don’t get…

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